Financing Options

Get riding faster with more ways to pay!

Financing Overview

BoltAbout was started with a vision to reduce barriers to electric bike adoption. Making electric bikes affordable and easy to access is important to us. We do this in a variety of ways as described below.

Option 1: Purchase

Simply purchase your bike and any accessories and pay via credit card here on our website.

Once complete, our team will contact you to schedule a delivery date!

Option 2: Finance

Finance a brand new bike and any accessories with 0% APR. Afterwards, you'll own your bike!

The application is fast and you'll see if you're approved right away. 

Option 3: BoltAbout Subscription Program

Finance a BoltAbout bike over 8 months, and we'll give you the 9th month for free. After 9 months, your subscription expires and you'll return the bike. If upon expiration of the Initial Term (8 months), you change your mind and decide you want to own the bike, you reserve the right to pay the remainder balance due for the bike for full ownership.

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